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Here’s a quick flip through of one of the journals I’ve been working in. It’s a #passionplanner turned #artjournal … Here’s my current process:

1️⃣ Remove half of the pages.
2️⃣ Add a base of gesso (white, black, or tinted with acrylic paint).
3️⃣ Add acrylic paint. Sometimes I do this with intention, and other times I add paint leftover from other projects.
4️⃣ Gradually build up pages with collage, doodles and designs. 
5️⃣ Add writing when I feel inspired to. This could be a list of what I’m grateful for, what was awesome that day, what I’m thinking about at that moment – anything and everything! Don’t overthink it!!

My main focus is to just add some color to my thoughts. Each page is also a continuous work in progress because I can always come back and add more doodles.

What I’m loving about this process is:

⭐️ I’m taking the pressure off of “making good art” and simply enjoying making colorful pages.
⭐️ I don’t have to finish a page in one sitting. I can work on any page that is drawing my attention and let inspiration lead the way.
⭐️ How I add my writing, and what I journal about, can also be inspired by the artwork that was previously added to the page. Maybe I journal about circles, or write in circles, because I had added them in a previous session. The possibilities are endless!!

My takeaway: don’t be so serious!

Be playful and curious about your art and the feelings it evokes. Stop putting pressure on yourself to always make amazing stuff. You’re already amazing!!!

Exploring art is just another fun thing that you get to do on your adventure of life. It doesn’t define you or have any intrinsic value on your worth. It’s simply another avenue to explore play… so just play.


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