About Lulu

First of all, I never thought I was a creative person.

I left my career as a Speech Therapist in 2004 to stay home with my kids, and while it made me happy, I needed something else.

My soul screamed for more.

There had to be more out there that would make me feel fulfilled as a woman too.

Creativity never came easy to me, so I thought it wasn’t meant for me; until the realization struck – maybe creativity isn’t a natural talent? Maybe it could be learned.

That’s when I decided to stop getting in my own way.

I stopped making excuses and started following my curiosities.

Sure, my kids needed my attention, but I needed it too.

There was never going to be a “perfect time” to start following my dreams, so I had to make the time.

I started learning how to make things during nap times, which led me to launching my online creative business in 2010. I showed my art & upcycled goods at art fairs around the Twin Cities, and eventually opened a bricks & mortar store/art studio. After 2 years, I realized being a store owner wasn’t for me.

In 2019, I decided to return to the field of Speech Therapy (after 14 years away!) because I was burnt out on the hustle of running a creative biz. I needed to step away – to use my skills in a different way and sit in the silence of where Lulu Bea’s wanted to go next.

It took a couple of years for clarity to arrive, but I had to trust the process.

My passion was reignited and my mission was clear – to help women find the self-confidence and courage they need to go from wishing, dreaming, and talking about what they want to do, to pursuing their passions and sharing their light with the world!

It’s an honor to walk this journey with the women who cross my path. I know that we all hold the power to be fearless in this world, and to pursue our passions relentlessly. I found my courage through the creative arts, and I know you can too.

I can’t wait see how you blossom.



Other fun tidbits:

  • I’m a mama to 4 crazy kiddos & have been happily married for 20 years
  • I love learning and am always searching out new experiences.
  • I teach Latin Dance
  • I’m on a never-ending spiritual journey to become the best version of myself, to trust in my own abilities & intuition, and to handle anything that comes my way with grace & gratitude.
  • I strive to be fearless in my self-growth. If something scares me, or makes me nervous, I do it!
  • I’m obsessed with the color teal, yet always seems to wear gray.
  • I’ve been given the divine job titles of “Beacon of Sparkling Clarity,” “Creator of the Perfect Ever After,” “Courageous Crafter of Life,” and “Facilitator of Blossoming” by the amazing Jo Anna Rothman.
  • I absolutely love, love, love having gray hair. My hair stylist tried to stop me from growing it out years ago, but now she is a fan. Natural is best baby!
  • designed a ring and named it Lulu Bea