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Meet Lulu

Lulu Bea is a Life Igniter and Creative Business Strategist. She helps soul driven, multi-passionate women who are ready to get their gifts into the world to connect to their creative wisdom and trust their intuitive knowing so they have clarity in their mission, confidence in their purpose and the tools they need to create a lifestyle and career they love.

Lulu believes that everyone holds the gift of intuition, and it is Lulu’s joy to connect her clients with their’s, because tapping into creativity is tapping into success.

Her mission is to empower women to bring their whole selves into their lives and businesses so they lead, inspire, and ignite the world around them.

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Ignited Life Academy
One-on-One Mentorship

Create a life of passion, purpose, and joy through the art of creative expression.

Have you ever wanted to know your true life purpose? Or have clarity in knowing that you are on the right path? Do you want to embrace where you are in life right now, and be excited about where you are going next? Learn how this signature Art with Soul program can help take you there.

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Classes + Courses

Check out Lulu’s self-study classes and courses. If you’re into sewing, painting or journaling, you’ll find a fun class here.

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Featured Blog Posts by Lulu Bea

How to Pick the Right Word of the Year

Let's talk Word of the Year! I'm sure you've heard about people choosing a word each year, kind of like a new year's resolution. Some people know which word they want right away, and other people are unsure.​​I invite you to ask yourself these 3 questions to help you...

The Luxury of Feeling Lost

Have you ever wondered about your life purpose? Do you have moments where you know there must be more to life than the everyday routines that you find yourself stuck in? The good news is that you are not alone. The bad news is that you are lucky to have these worries....

The Hardest Year of My Marriage Yet

This past August marked 16 years since I married Kevin, my love. The past year and a half were probably the most trying in our marriage so far. Fortunately, we’ve both been open to a lot of communication and introspection on our challenges. I'd like to share what...

Fabulous 40 Birthday Lessons

I’ve really loved celebrating my 40th birthday, and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the sharing of time. I’ve been humbled by the people who have reached out to wish me well, and it has taught me that even the smallest of actions matter. I’ve often skipped...


Women’s Soul Creative Circle

Join this free Facebook group, where you will meet other women who are creatively curious + spiritual seekers. You can expect creative tips, tools, prompts for art exploration, art sharing and education, resources for both creative and spiritual growth, and Art + Soul fun!

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Join Lulu Bea for an in-person retreat where art, creativity, and spirituality are explored to expand, release, and excite!

Next retreat is coming in the Spring of 2019!

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Private Workshops

Interested in a private workshop in your area? Lulu teaches a wide range of creativity classes, including Intuitive Painting, Mixed Media, Art Journaling, Whimsical Faces, and more.

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Corporate Wellness Classes

Treat your employees to a painting experience like no other, that nudges and encourages them to reach outside of the box.

Lulu Bea’s signature teaching style creates a comfortable environment for students to tap into their own creativity and experience success within the freedom of loose structure.

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