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You feel a calling for more…


  • More Love in your life
  • More Peace & Happiness
  • More Meaningful Relationships
  • More Clarity in your future
  • More Trust in yourself

You are ready for something different, but you’re not sure how to get it

You’ve tried to figure it out on your own.


  • You read self help books
  • You bought a planner and started off strong, but it got too tedious so you stopped
  • You tried meditation, journaling, and daily gratitude, but it’s hard to stay consistent
  • You lose motivation because you don’t have clarity on what you really want to do with your life

All you know is that something needs to change, because you can’t keep going on pretending you are fine.

You don’t need to do it alone any more

I’m Lulu, and I’m here to help.

I believe you are meant for more, and you know it too. That’s why you are here.

You are here to create a joyful, happy and playful life, but first you have to believe you deserve it.

You were born to create, and your intuition is waiting to be awakened through the expression of your whole self.

When you connect to your creative intuition, you will begin to trust your inner knowing and have the clarity and confidence you need to do what you came here to do.

I can help you go from believing you can do it, to knowing you can by giving you the tools to get there.

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Featured Blog Posts by Lulu Bea

Stop Thinking Your Way Out

I’ve been obsessing over the lack of passion, motivation and inspiration in what I’m doing with my free time. I’ve been trying to *think* my way through it. To figure it out. Find the logical solution. "What do I want to do? Why am I so bored with myself? Why have I...

Free Class: All About Ink Sprays

Learn about ink and dye sprays to use in your mixed media art and journal in this free class with Lulu Bea.

One Day At A Time My Friends

It's hard to admit, but I’ve been struggling with some changes lately... I started working part-time as a Speech-Language Pathologist, in addition to my Lulu Bea’s biz (with a retreat coming up in a few weeks), and teaching Salsa dancing. Not to mention that my...

Art Journal Flip Through

Here’s a quick flip through of one of the journals I’ve been working in. It’s a #passionplanner turned #artjournal ... Here’s my current process: 1️⃣ Remove half of the pages. 2️⃣ Add a base of gesso (white, black, or tinted with acrylic paint). 3️⃣ Add acrylic paint....

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