I’m Glad You’re Here

Hi. I’m Lulu, and I’m here to help you leap into your destiny.

You want more peace, balance, and hope. That’s why you’re on a journey of self-discovery. You want clear direction and to know your time here matters.

Itā€™s time to live your life on your terms, and I’m here to give you the supportive nudge you need.

We’re not told how powerful our creative energy is, but I believe itā€™s how our spirit yearns to express itself to awaken all parts of our whole. I offer a potent, yet gentle way to shift into a deeper place within yourself. This work joins the intuitive world of creativity with the logistical world of organization and planning – all of which are needed for living a life of balance and purpose.

You’re here to show up as your whole self to light up this big, beautiful world. Itā€™s time for you to come alive!

Start Your Transformational Journey

Grab a Gratitude Journal

Happiness is a mindset.

If you don’t already have one, I invite you to grab one of my gratitude journals.

Research shows that a gratitude practice can improve one’s health, career, social life, personal life and emotional well-being. (Crazy!)

Adopting an “Attitude of Gratitude” changed my life. So much so that I created the “Gratitude Journal for Teens & Adults.”

It’s a 52-week guide that will help make gratitude part of your daily routine, so you can live your life with more intention, mindfulness, and start reaping the benefits of gratitude today. (And it’s only $7.99 on Amazon! Go get it!!)

Take A Soul Inspiring Class

Soul Journey Journal Series 1

Experience a transformational and healing journey through the world of art and creativity.

I adore combining creativity with personal/spiritual development. It’s helped me integrate life lessons quicker, heal at a deep level, and make the difficult times easier to bear. I’ve experienced this, my clients have experienced this, and I want this for you too.

No art experience required (but if you’re an experienced creative, you’ll gain new insights too!)

Soul Journey Journal Series 2

Calling all creative souls! The Soul Journey Journal is back for a second edition, offering all new transformational lessons and inspiration. This series of classes feature new art techniques and teachings that will help uncover what’s holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams. It’ll give you that gentle push you may need to face your fears and take inspired action!

*You don’t need to complete the first series before this one. Both Soul Journey Journal series offer their own personal, spiritual, and creative growth in fun and inspiring ways.

Join Lulu In Person

Retreat Yourself!

Step away from the daily grind and be renewed by our retreats designed for women just like you.

We offer a variety of workshops in different mediums such as painting, writing, dancing, meditation, and more. Our goal is for each woman who attends to leave feeling empowered and motivated after spending some much-needed time alone or connecting with other women who are looking for the same thing – inspiration!

You’ll leave feeling refreshed and excited, full of new ideas on how to live a creative & authentic life.

All this in one weekend? Yes, please!

Go Deeper Into Gratitude

Gratitude Ignited

Want to feel better in an instant? Gratitude is the answer! It’s the fastest way to instantly improve your mood and feel more at peace.

Happiness is just a thought away. You can change how you feel at any moment, so why not think about something that makes you feel good?

It’s up to you to create a life that makes you happy, and I’ll show how it starts with one simple act of giving thanks. Let me take you there through the Gratitude Ignited course, which teaches students – both veterans and newcomers alike – how they can live their best lives by mastering the art of feeling grateful every day.

Connect with Lulu

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