Lulu's Courses + Classes

Art with Soul Courses

Spirituality embodies the quest for self improvement, the understanding of your life purpose, and the living of your passions. These all give meaning to your life and help guide you on a path of purpose.

Art and creativity connect you with a deeper level of your being, where you ignite passions and curiosities that you didn’t even realize existed.

Art and soul belong together. They form the perfect marriage of awakening with manifesting. Here are some courses and classes that will help take you there.

Sewing Patterns + Tutorials

I am first and foremost an Upcycling Artist. I love using secondhand materials and turning them into something new and improved.

I believe that we can help save the planet by using resources already available to us in the consumer stream.

Here is a collection of my original patterns and tutorials. I hope they inspire you to see the world around you in a whole new light.