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In life, it’s important to choose who you want by your side, and also be willing to let people go. While each companion is valuable in the moment, some are only meant to last a few steps.

I’ve learned over the years that the path I strive to walk on is one paved with love, kindness, and respect. I must choose companions who value the same things, or if nothing else, are simply kind. Kindness is love in action, and kindness is the sweetest gift of all.

I choose to live my life from a place of love. I give everyone a chance. Everyone. I trust until I am shown a reason not to.

And it sucks when I see the reason not to.

I have grown to respect myself and my time, and when others do not show me the same respect, I must set my boundaries and move on.

Relationships don’t always end the way I want, but I don’t always get to choose.


I cannot stick around when the relationship hurts
more than it helps.


As Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

I am not willing to stick around and be disrespected, or lied to, or dismissed. These are my deal breakers.

This doesn’t mean I’m angry, or will be unkind when I meet ex-friends in person. I still wish them the best in life. I just don’t need to be a witness to it.

I believe everyone is doing the best they can in each moment, and forgiveness feels so much lighter than hatred.

I don’t want to hang on to resentment, anger, or disappointment. In fact, I am grateful for all these hurtful experiences. I am grateful for the chance to stand up for myself, and to practice choosing kindness.

Because no matter what, you can always choose kindness, forgiveness is always an option, and walking away is an act of love.

If others don’t see the consequences of their actions, how will they learn?

You teach others how to treat you, and you can’t expect others to love you if you don’t first love yourself.

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