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The ultimate purpose of happiness is discussed in this video.

If you think about it, everyone’s ultimate goal in life is to be happy. It’s what we set our goals around, and what we wish for our children’s lives.

But what is the purpose of being happy?

Dr. Robert Holden is an expert in the field of happiness. His mission is “To help people stop searching for happiness, and start following their joy.”

He believes that joy has a secret ingredient that helps you to bloom into the person you came here to be.

 “Happiness helps you to become your most authentic self.”

The first step towards following your joy is to recognize what makes you happy. It’s all too easy to notice when you are unhappy, but what about when you are feeling most alive, energetic, blissed out, and vital?

Watch the video to learn 5 questions to ask yourself to undercover your moments of happiness, and what to do next.

Following your joy, leads you to your passions, which help you to live your life’s purpose. Happiness, joy, and fun are the 3 secret ingredients you need to truly Ignite Your Life and live with meaning.

Until next time… Keep Seeking, Keep Exploring the World, and Follow Your Joy!


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