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Do you ever have days where you just can’t motivate yourself?

You don’t have the energy to care, and you want to be DONE.

This has been me over the past few days. 

My energy has been off. I was tired, and I was done. Done with trying to figure out what to do next. Done with wondering how to help more. Done with pushing myself.⠀

I needed a break. I needed to not care for a while and to just sit with what I was feeling. I needed to paint. I needed to let my feelings out in color.

When I paint, I connect to a greater power and presence. I am comforted within my doubt. I am soothed and satiated, and energized to enter the world again.

After I paint for a while, I start to tap into a peace that is always waiting for me. I find the words that I need to hear… and maybe, just maybe, you need to hear them too.⠀

“Travel lightly on your path of growth & exploration. Jump into the ocean of expression and mission. Your purpose is to follow the path as it illuminates before you. The way isn’t always in full focus. Your faith keeps you on track. Your intuition will not fail you. Keep pushing your limits and your solace will be found in the success of the struggle. Do what you need to keep your vibration high and engaged in the joys of life. This is not denial of the perceived reality, but a commitment to joy as life presents itself in all its ups and downs. Connect to your higher mission. Connect to us – your support team. Connect to the love that all have for you. Believe in your heart’s purpose.”

Have you ever tried to paint out your feelings? Or scribble, or sing, or dance them out?

There is something so therapeutic, and proactive, about using creativity to soothe, nurture, and care for yourself. 

You will have ups and downs in life – those are inevitable. However, you can take action during the down times by turning to things you enjoy doing while you ride it out.

When you FEEL better, you can navigate the down times better.

It’s not about making your negative feelings go away. It’s about allowing them to show up, taking action to lighten your mood, and prioritizing the time you need to make it through the visit.

What do you do to get yourself out of feeling low? Have you tried turning to creativity? If not, I’d highly suggest it. You might just love it.

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