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I’ve been obsessing over the lack of passion, motivation and inspiration in what I’m doing with my free time.

I’ve been trying to *think* my way through it. To figure it out. Find the logical solution.

“What do I want to do? Why am I so bored with myself? Why have I lost my excitement and joy for what I’ve been doing?”

The hard truth is that there’s no easy answer. I’ve had to sit with these questions while feeling lost in a pool of ambivalence.

I’ve noticed that things start to turn around when I start feeling my way through it. I turn inward – I meditate, exercise, journal. Little by little, new sparks appear. I’ll get a hint of an idea, but not all of it. I’ll get more the next day, and maybe the next, but it is a slow build.

Inspiration doesn’t suddenly fall into my lap. I can’t go from feeling down to “Oh my gosh, this is the most wonderful thing in the world!!!” Life is not lived in the extreme. The middle ground is good too.

I’m feeling the pull towards creativity again, and meeting with friends certainly helps. I’m looking forward to the Soul Circle Gathering this coming Saturday, because everything’s better when you’ve got a circle. I look forward to sharing our projects, talking about the real stuff of life, and getting to know one another. (There are 2 spots left if you feel like joining us.)

If you’re also feeling a bit complacent with your life and how you’re spending your time, I invite you to do a lot of self care while you dig deeper into how you want to feel and what you want to do. Some phases last longer than others, but I promise you… if you’re doing the work to feel better, you will eventually 🙏🏼.


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