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It’s hard to admit, but I’ve been struggling with some changes lately…

I started working part-time as a Speech-Language Pathologist, in addition to my Lulu Bea’s biz (with a retreat coming up in a few weeks), and teaching Salsa dancing. Not to mention that my husband travels for work and we have 4 kids who are busy with sports and activities.

I don’t know what part is struggling and what part is resistance to so much change  happening all at once. I’m figuring it out though, and one way I do this is through my art journal. 

Here’s a page that I worked on live in my free Facebook Group last week – the Women’s Soul Creative Circle. You can watch the video over there – it started with different ways to use stencils and morphed into this. 

Adding journaling into my art is how I tap into my emotions and my spirit. The main messages that came through are:

⭐️ Accept what is – there is no sense in dwelling on what I don’t like about my current situation because that’s what it is. The sooner I can accept it, the sooner I will…

⭐️ Be open to what’s next – I don’t know why this is all happening at once, but I don’t need to know yet. I can trust that I am meant to be on this new path and while I don’t know where the path is leading, I will try to…

⭐️ See infinite possibilities – This is just a small snippet of my adventure of life. The future is mine to create, but I can’t create it when I am in a negative state of mind.

Not knowing what’s next can be exciting. I just need to remember that I’ve always figured things out, and I’ll figure this out too… one day at a time. 

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