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Finding one’s “life purpose” has become an experience of frustration instead of a journey of discovery for many people.

Why do we believe there’s 1 great mission out there for each of us to accomplish? That until we find that one true purpose we’re just wasting time?
I believe you’re already fulfilling your life purpose, and it’s to create yourself.
  • To weed out the distractions and connect to what brings you to life on the inside.
  • To let go of the thoughts & beliefs that are holding you back.
  • To build up your courage muscles to go after your dreams and desires.

The good news is, if you are your life’s purpose, there’s no wrong way to live it!

Think of your life as a course of study. You’re essentially earning a “Ph.D. in me.” This one track never waivers. However, you have to take a lot of other courses along the way. You may take a deep dive in some courses, resulting in a bachelor’s or master’s degree, while others are simply electives that you’re curious to explore.
Every course of study is important in your life, and each one gives your Ph.D. more substance and diversity.
Being willing to walk the paths that present themselves is what will help you live with purpose.
(Hint: the paths present themselves to you through your interests and curiosities. They don’t show up by chance. You have them for a reason!)

You don’t need to have a bigger vision for your life to find peace where you are right now.

If you’re committed to your life, committed to the ones around you, and committed to the search for what ignites your soul, your drive will never die.

You have time.
Time to explore your interests, time to give to yourself, and time to be present for others. You can be and do it all – I know you can!

Life purpose was one of the topics at the May 2022 Fearless Spirit Retreat.

  • We began with journaling questions to help surface ideas and activities we’d like to explore.
  • Then we added mantras and positive affirmations, to infuse it with positive intentions.
  • Next, we added collage, fabric, lace, and burlap to create lots of yummy texture.
  • We added the final touch with our life purpose statement.
We all walked away with not only a great art piece, but a reminder that we’re already fulfilling our life purpose – in fact, we’ve been doing it all along and we’re right on track. ❤️

Join me at the next retreat!

Are you feeling lost and uncertain of your next steps?
The Fearless Spirit Retreat is the perfect place for women who want to find themselves again. This supportive and inspiring environment will help you nurture your creativity and find self-discovery. You’ll leave feeling more grounded in who you are and have trust in where you’re going.
With tools to feel more peaceful and confident in yourself, you’ll have the courage to go for what you want. You deserve this transformative experience!

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