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I used to believe that I wasn’t creative.

I thought that my siblings received the artistic gene and I was just athletic. My grandma was creative too – cooking, sewing, knitting, crocheting. She was my idol, but I didn’t think I could ever do what she did.

It wasn’t until I was in my early 30’s that I decided to try. I thought to myself “Surely, creativity can be learned, just like any skill in life.”

I was tired of letting my insecurities hold me back from what I longed to try, and it was time to get out of my own way.

I started taking online classes, and giving myself time to practice the skills I was learning (which was usually during nap time for my kids).

Before I knew it, a new passion was born. Was I a natural? Heck no! But I knew that I needed to start somewhere. All that mattered is that I FELT GOOD learning something new.

Little did I know that my new passion would turn into a career… all because I decided to commit to my own interests and pursue the things I was curious about.

The more I practiced, the higher my confidence got. That confidence started transferring into my everyday life too.

I started to trust in myself more, and have more courage to be seen like I never could in the past.

I still get incredibly nervous if I need to speak in front of people, or stick up for myself, but I know that the uncomfortable feeling will pass (because it always does).

I also know that my self-confidence will increase a little more each time I push myself outside my comfort zone (because it always does).

It all takes practice, and it’s all doable, but first comes the decision to try.

My wish for you is to not let yourself be your own barrier to living a fuller life. You are meant for more. You deserve more. You ARE more.

What one decision can you make today to practice more self-confidence?

Tell me below – declare it now – and make today one to remember!

– Lulu

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