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Are we born to dance?

Did you know that research showed babies respond to the rhythm and tempo of music, and find it more engaging than speech? This poses the question, are we born to move to music? If so, why do we stop dancing as we get older?

I get it – dancing in front of others is scary. No one wants to look a fool and draw attention to themselves.

I felt this way too, but couldn’t stop my desire to dance. I finally gave in when I was 35, and started with Latin dancing.

I had NO IDEA of the huge impact this decision would make in my life! 

Here are 3 ways that dancing increased my confidence overall:

No one’s watching

You know how you’re worried about people looking at and judging you? Guess what?! Everyone else is thinking the same thing about themselves. We are self-centered beings, and once I realized that no one’s watching, it gave me permission to be free. Instead of worrying about how my dance moves looked, I started pushing myself to let my body move to the music. This freedom to push myself and explore new terrain has carried over into all parts of my life.

Movement is sexy

Have you ever watched a woman walk with confidence, no matter her shape or size?  I don’t know about you, but I think that’s damn sexy. Now imagine a woman totally in tune with the moment and letting her body freely expressive itself to music. WOW!

When I allow myself to sink into the music and let it inspire my movements, it’s not surprising to see positive reactions from others. Sometimes it’s a smile, a compliment, or it’s another person letting go just a little bit more.

Dancing has made me feel at home in my body. I’ve learned what inspires it, how it likes to express itself, and how good it feels to connect to music. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a big deal, and that self-trust empowers you as you move through the world.

Learning is fun

Being a beginner at something is really hard for the ego, especially as an adult. Most of us don’t want to try something unless we’re good at it, which often stops us from pushing ourselves in the first place.

Here’s the thing, if you’re not learning and growing, you’re not moving forward. There’s so much to learn in this beautiful world of ours!

Is it uncomfortable? Yes.

Is it frustrating? Also yes.

But that’s ok! We’re here to push, learn, grow, and try again. The payoff is so grand that this is what makes life worth living!!!

Be fearless with me

Dance movement is one of the many creative art form that we’ll explore at the Fearless Spirit Retreat. If you’re ready to show up, despite your fears and reservations, I’d love to welcome you into the circle.

The takeaway – it’s worth the risk

I had NO IDEA of the huge impact dancing would make in my life.

+ More confidence
+ More fearlessness
+ Feeling great in my body
+ Pride in learning new things

Dancing – both in a structured format and free style setting – has provided some of my biggest moments of self-growth.

Join me at a retreat!

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