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Can you feel all the fear, worry, and anger that is permeating the world right now? I sure can, and sometimes it overwhelms me.

With the new presidency here in the USA, the fear, dismay, and hatred is through the roof. Have you noticed? Friends are turning on one another, the media is going crazy, and to me, it feels like the world is in disarray.

It’s easy to let negativity overtake the mind. I have found myself in moments of feeling helpless. Thoughts such as “Is this really happening?” and “What can I do?” pop up, and I have no answers. Not having the answers is part of what escalates the fears. But here’s what we forget…

We do have control. We are not helpless.

We can control ourselves, our energy, and how we contribute to the world as a collective.

I asked a wise friend of mine the other day “How do you rationalize this new era spiritually? What is our collective challenge?” He eloquently responded:

Boy that’s a far reaching question. One that goes to the heart of American culture really, and Weltanschauung and Zeitgeist. And identity. It definitely goes beyond politics, because for better or worse, every thing that’s on the table now was already on the table, but in different positions. All the isms were already there but something about the licensing and giving credence to that darkness emboldens it. I dare say summons it to manifest. It’s like a coach who brings out the potential in you but now it’s a different kind of coach and they’re bringing out the worst in you. Fear and apathy and anger. And the shadow, always there, always has been, but our culture refuses to acknowledge that this whole manifest destiny/holy nation/city of God business is theological and political heresy. There are no Canaanites to cast out and no promise land to possess. And no Moses to lead us.

I asked “So what can we do?” His anecdote;

Love is the answer, always, but will our selves/natures allow it. And stories. More noble stories is what we need. And more noble story tellers. And magic.

More noble story tellers. I love that.

I agree with love being the way, but I also feel that this is hard to hold onto when we are in the thick of turmoil and negativity. However, we can always choose to be kind.


If you can’t choose love, then choose kindness.

Kindness is always an attainable goal, which is why it is my newest battle cry. I am feeling this more and more, and I must spread this message.

We Must. Choose. Kindness.

We must be an example of integrity and respect. Even when we are hurt, when we are angry, when we are under attack, we can choose kind words to express our feelings. We can refuse to sink to personal attacks. We can refuse to judge people before we even know them. We can refuse to participate in the negativity and drama.

If kindness is all you can do, and all you can muster the energy for this day, then you’ve won. You showed up with integrity and maturity. You shined a light of hope in a negative and confusing time. You have done your part, and I thank you.

Choosing how you show up in the world, and the energy you bring to it, is one way to help bring about change. We are all connected. What you do, how you feel, and the words you say MATTER.

When you feel overwhelmed by what is happening around you, turn inward. Get ahold of your own attitude and mental state. Start there. You have to be in control of yourself before you can positively contribute to the world. Here are some things to try to help shift yourself out of negativity:

  • Turn off anything that brings you down. Is it the news? Social media? Pay attention to your feelings and when you are feeling yourself getting down, stop what you are doing.
  • Take action to lighten your mood. Can you watch funny videos? Call a friend? Do something that makes you happy?
  • Turn to gratitude. What is RIGHT in your life right now? Gratitude is an instant mood lifter.
  • Breathe. Take a few slow, deep breaths to come back to your center.

Once you are happier and more connected to your personal reality, you can cope better. You will be more resilient, and you will have a stronger foundation to move forward with.

Remember, we are all in this together. The truth is that we don’t know what will happen. Times have been rough before, and yet the world survived. We will make it through anything, especially when we become warriors of light, love, and kindness.

We will figure this out, but for right now, focus on what you actually have control over – YOU. Do not get lost in the fears of “what if” or “what will happen now?” We will face that challenge when it is upon us.

I believe the world is full of good people, and we will stand up for one another like we never have before, but we have to be centered in ourselves to ensure our actions come from a source of love and harmony.

So, sweet friend, turn to kindness when fear takes over. Take care of yourself first, because we need you.


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