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There’s a difference between wanting something and being committed to making it happen. Most people want to be healthier, but they don’t have the drive and motivation it takes for them to succeed in changing their eating habits or working out on a regular basis.

While your intentions are good, self-sabotage often gets the best of us.

A friend and I joined a daily 25 push-up challenge for the month of February. I started off strong, but 1 skipped day turned into 2 skipped days, and then I was up to 75 push-ups to catch up. I debated whether I should quit, but my friend encouraged me to do the 75. I couldn’t let her down, so I caught up in stages and sent her a text – “Done.” 

I’ve learned that the key to maintaining motivation is by not doing it all alone. By bringing others into the goals you set for yourself, you can turn to them when quitting seems easier than pushing through. There’s power in unity and you can’t expect to always have the constant drive to push yourself.

I would have quit the challenge if it wasn’t for my friend… and damn it felt good to send that text when I saw it through. 

What’s 1 goal you have for yourself this week? I invite you to tell it to a trusted friend or family member and ask them to hold you accountable. You’ll be amazed how the motivation to check in with another person helps you to persevere.

You’ve got this, my friend. I believe in you.

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