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My word for this year is Evolve.

It’s asking me to stop and take a hard look at what I’ve been doing in my life.

  • Is what I’m doing working for me?
  • Am I enjoying it?
  • Is it leading to where I want to go?
My answers have been “No” more than “Yes.” This leaves me no other choice but to change course, and possibly even destroy the structures that I’ve been building.

The simple truth is:

Once you know something isn’t working, there’s no time to waste in creating a future you want.

So today, I declare…

 It’s time break old habits to allow for a new path to reveal itself. I am ready to see things in a new way, and to listen to my inner voice like never before.

 It’s time to choose stillness in my actions in order to feel into the truth that I am seeking. I will honor my desires and only move forward when my heart and head feel in alignment.

 It’s time to choose the flow of life and embrace the ease at which it all unfolds. I am safe, I am always provided for, and life is abundant. And so it is.

Please enjoy this quick video of me creating my word of the year. I added flowers and greenery, because they make me happy and are great representations of going with the flow.

In nature, nothing is rushed, yet everything gets done.

The Fearless Spirit Retreat this spring will be centered around the theme of connecting creativity with nature. If you feel called to join, I’d love to welcome you.


  • Jane Davenport’s Brights Watercolor Paint Set
  • Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid
  • Dina Wakley’s Scribble Sticks

Registration Open

The Fearless Spirit Retreat offers a deeply awakening, intuitive, and soulful journey in a space of freedom, non-judgment, and exploration.

Join the exclusive, 3-day immersion that will nourish your mind, body & spirit, and open your creative heart.


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