Welcome to Lulu Bea’s!

It’s an honor to welcome you into my virtual world. I know your e-mail address is personal, and I promise not to share it with anyone.

As a “thank you”, I’d like to gift you a few items. Enjoy!!!

Gift #1

“I Am” Affirmation/Self-Love Oracle Cards

Download and print this 20 card deck to motivate and inspire you to shine your light and be the beacon of love and joy you are meant to be in the world.

Gift #2

Flower Goddess Art Print

Enjoy one of my current favorite art pieces! This charcoal and acrylic drawing is available for you to download, print, and enjoy. 

Join the Fearless Spirit Retreat


You deserve your own solo vacation. Escape the stresses of life and explore new ways to find peace in a beautiful beach town!

Meet other like-minded individuals who are on their journey towards personal empowerment at our upcoming retreat, where we’ll spend time exploring art & movement as well writing about what brings you joy.

Pack up your suit, grab some comfy clothes, and I’ll take care of the rest.