Soul Journey Journal

An Art with Soul 2 Course Online Series

What if you want to create a more balanced life, more time for yourself, a dream job, or any one of the many things your soul desires?

Obviously, you can’t just sit around waiting. 


An inspired life takes inspired action

Which is where the two “Soul Journey Art Journal Series” come in…

They are both based off of my signature program, The Ignited Life Academy. It’s a transformational (and often healing) exploration traveled through an art journal. 

The combination of creativity with personal + spiritual development helps integrate life lessons quicker, facilitate the healing process, and make a sometimes difficult journey more fun and easier to bear. I’ve experienced this. My clients have experienced this, and I want this for you too.


Here’s what is included in Series 1:

  • 6 Art + Soul Lessons – You’ll get high quality, in-depth lessons for each project, plus a walkthrough of all the materials used for each project.
  • Journaling Questions – This is how you will personalize your art, bring awareness to areas of your life that need your attention, and integrate the spiritual lessons for living a happier life. This is where the magic happens! 
  • Bonus Collage Elements – Download the extra images that are used in some of the projects.
  • 2 Bonus Video Lessons – Learn how to make an art journal out of an old book, plus the bonus title page lesson!

If you’re serious about creating your goals, dreams, wishes and desires… you need to take inspired action, and this is a great first step to take.

Not only does it work, but it’s fun. And inspiring! 


Soul Journey Journal Series 1

What’s Included

8 Video Lessons

6 main lessons centered around Gratitude, Self Love, Comparison, Forgiveness, Values, and Life Purpose. Plus, two bonus lessons!

Bonus Collage Images

Free PDF of collage images to use in the art projects

Writing + Creative Prompts

PDF to guide you through this one-of-a-kind art with soul journey

What Students Are Saying

Lulu Bea, I’m so grateful for all that you do and all that I’ve learned from you. You’ve made this art journaling thing doable. I’ve learned so many techniques while working on this Soul Journey workshop. You are an angelic spirit.

Thanks Lulu Bea for creating projects that are fun, but challenging. I wouldn’t ever have chosen any facial feature as a focal point on my own and now I am exploring it and excited that I don’t feel I have to avoid them!

I got so much from this 6 day journey! It has made me realize it’s important to me to make more time for art journaling! I used to art journal regularly & now I remember why!!!! It has the same effect as meditation!

Check Out The Projects

Soul Journey Journal Series 2

What’s Included

7 Video Lessons

6 main video lessons centered around new aspects of Gratitude, Self Love, Comparison, Forgiveness, Values, and Life Purpose. Plus, one bonus lesson!

Bonus Collage Images

Free PDF of collage images to use in the art projects.

Writing + Creative Prompts

Downloadable PDF to guide you through this soulful journey and offer you creative prompts for your art journal.

What Students Are Saying

Including art in the process before journaling is magical. It allows one to be with whatever is coming up but because you keep moving on with your art project you are able to move through and process what is coming up without staying stuck! Thanks Lulu Bea for introducing us to this magical process!!!

It was exciting, relaxing and inspiring. It gave me a feeling of calm and I looked forward to each project. I just used the supplies I had on hand and it worked. Thank you Lulu Bea for this Soul Journey Journal. It was helpful to me and my healing.

Thank you so much Lulu Bea for leading us through this wonderful Soul Journey Art Journal Challenge. I had so much fun and a bit of discomfort as I worked through stuff but I gained so many valuable insights. You are awesome!!!!

Here’s What You’ll Make

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