Ignite Your Life Workbook

Ignite Your Life Workbook

You want to live a meaningful life, but without a plan, you can easily get distracted and fall into old patterns.

The Ignite Your Life goal-setting and scheduling system will help you create a clear path toward your goals and dreams, and help you find the time to pursue them!

Lulu's signature system contains everything you need to design your ideal life - from creating an actionable vision for yourself to setting goals, defining values, and mapping out how success looks for each area of your life (health, relationships, personal/spiritual development, and self-care). By using this system you'll be able to clarify what's most important so that when it comes time to make decisions about where to spend your time, money, or energy, they're aligned with who you really are and who you want to become.

What's included:

  • A 35-page guide for creating goals and clearing time in your schedule
  • Journaling questions to go in-depth into how to bring your life into balance
  • Doodling pages to engage your creative brain while pondering the journaling questions
  • Templates to fill out and reuse as your goals evolve with you
  • Monthly check-in questions to track your progress and celebrate your wins

Download the workbook today and get started on making your life exactly how you want it!



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