Welcome to the Manifestation Masterclass!


Imagine feeling confident that you can manifest anything. Imagine knowing in your heart of hearts, and with absolute certainty, that there is no dream too big for you to achieve; your only limitation being the one you place on yourself.

Welcome to the Manifestation Masterclass where you’ll learn how to do exactly this! You’ll learn how use the Law of Attraction with all of your delicious feelings as tools for success at manifesting what you’ve been wanting life.

That’s right – You have the power to manifest anything you want in your life, and this is where it all starts! In The Manifestation Masterclass, Lulu will teach you how to create a confident mindset by tapping into what inspires you most about yourself and your life. So, let’s get started!

Hi! I’m Lulu

Grab the Guide

Download the Manifestation Masterclass PDF Guide. This is your blueprint for the class and it includes:

  1. Info about the Law of Attraction
  2. Questions to help find your High Vibe Feelings
  3. A blank Manifestation Map
  4. Instructions on how to use the completed manifestation desktop display

Recommended Materials

  • Manifestation Masterclass PDF Guide (Printed)
  • Colored Pens, Pencils
  • Scotch Tape/Washi Tape

Making the Manifestation Map

Making Manifestation Booklets

How To Become A Master Manifestor


Get All The Templates


The Manifestation Template Bundle will make manifesting your dreams quick and easy. With 15 digital templates, each hand drawn in Procreate by me, you can customize them with your own color, flair and (of course) your high vibe feelings.

Create mini manifestation booklets that target multiple areas of your life, or one master booklet – creativity is literally in your hands!

Use what you learned in the Manifestation Masterclass and you’ll become a Manifesting Master in no time.

It’s time to go from wishing, dreaming, and talking about what you want in life to making it happen CONSISTENTLY!