Ignited Art With Soul 7 Class Series

A Mixed Media Art Series to Awaken Your Soul
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Instant, Lifetime Access

Gain instant access to all 7 classes, and return to them at any time. These lesson grow along with you, resulting in different outcomes every time you create them.

Soulful Art Lessons

Personalize your art with printable and digital journaling pages. Through the combination of creativity plus personal reflection, Art With Soulmagic happens.

Product Demonstrations

A new art medium or material is featured with each art lesson. Learn more techniques and uses for all of the art supplies that are used within the projects.

“When I add art and creativity into my personal growth story, the life lessons sink in quicker, deeper, and I feel like I am truly being proactive in becoming the best version of myself.” – Alaina M.

What’s Included

  • 7 Soulful Art Lessons – There are 30 videos total!
  • Digital Journaling Questions – You’ll receive new questions for each of the 7 Soulful Lessons. This is how you
  • will personalize your project, hone in on what needs your attention, and create the Art with Soul magic.
    Detailed Product Demonstrations – Learn about a new art material that is featured in that month’s project.
  • You’ll see different ways it can be used, learn about its pros and cons and see it in action in high definition videos.
  • Lifetime Access – Return to any of the lessons when you need healing, clarity, or focused creativity. Each class will result in different outcomes based on where you are in your life’s journey.

“It was a delight to tap into different mediums of journaling and art to get to the heart of what may be holding you back or missing from your life… Lulu provides a loving, no pressure environment to learn and discover at your own pace. I definitely recommend spending some time with Lulu to hear her thoughts on empowerment, relationships and loving yourself. You won’t regret it!” – Michelle W.

Ignite Your Life Through Fun + Creativity

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7 Soulful Themes

  • Closing Ritual – Stop carrying the past with you as you create new dreams and goals. Use this powerful closing ritual whenever you approach a transition in your life, and break free from your past in order to move forward.
  • Radical Body Love + Acceptance – Imagine how your life would change if you totally loved and accepted your body right now. Become empowered by your body and see the beauty that it holds – flaws and all.
  • Law of Attraction – Create the right mantras to manifest the outcomes you desire most. Use this powerful tool to attract the abundance that is waiting for you.
  • Motivation + Energy Renewal – This is the perfect lesson to use when you need to get yourself out of a slump. Connect with the ways that help you find the motivation you need to renew your energy and get yourself out of a funk.
  • Forgiveness – Utilize this transformational practice to experience true freedom. Approach forgiveness with this new perspective and realize all of the aspects that your lessons touch.
  • Life Goals – Stop letting life pass you by and pick the right goals for you, paired with the action steps that will take you there sooner.
  • Life Purpose – Embrace your true life purpose at this moment. Your present purpose is the most important thing for you to focus on right now. Discover what this is and feel purposeful in your life.

7 Creative Projects

  • Watercolor Flowers – Infuse your project with journaling, watercolor painting and whimsical lettering using your own handwriting.
  • Painted Self Magazine Art Journal Page – Make an art representation of yourself and connect to the beauty that your body beholds.
  • Painted Mantra Page – Combine creativity with the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams faster.
  • Personalized Tarot Cards – Create your own card deck that is full of inspiration and motivation for you to use when you need to get yourself out of a funk.
  • Mixed Media Girl – Add collage, color and soulful reflection into this powerful art page centered around forgiveness.
  • Frayed Fabric Dream Catcher – Embrace a different art medium to create the goals and action steps that inspire you most and gain the clarity and direction that you need.
  • Assemblage Art Journal Page – This project combines it all: writing, painting, collage, fabric, yarn – the works! Create a beautiful page full of texture, meaning, and empowerment for living your true life purpose.

7 Detailed Product Demonstrations

  • Caran D’Ache Watersoluble Crayons – Learn about the versatility of these art crayons and see them in action. Color with them, activate them into watercolor, these are a great material to use while traveling too.
  • Clear, White + Black Gesso – Gesso is an important foundational layer when working with wet medium, with different brands and styles leading to different effects. Learn how art materials behave differently when gesso is involved, and why it’s great to have on hand.
  • Acrylic Paints – From artist quality to craft quality, high flow to heavy body, acrylic paints come in a wide variety of styles. Learn about the different brands of paints, and how each kind can be used for different methods.
  • Stencils, Masks + Stamps – These tools add variety, texture and interest to your projects in no time at all. Learn the right techniques for using them, and also some inexpensive ways to make your own.
  • Glues + Adhesives – Choosing the right glue is important when it comes to making mixed media projects. Learn reasons why you would use a Mod Podge instead of a Matte Medium, or Tacky Glue vs. Heavy Body Gel Medium. See the glues in action and how the glued materials react differently based on the adhesive being used.
  • Sprays + Mists – Learn the many tips and techniques for using sprays, and also the differences between many of the brands available on the market today.
  • Faber Castell Pitt Pens – Get the scoop on one of Lulu’s favorite, and most versatile, art materials in her art arsenal. From using these pens wet or dry, on or off a gessoed surface, these make a wonderful additional to any travel art kit.

“While I’ve never thought of myself as an artist, I have made some beautiful things under Lulu’s guidance – and learned a lot about myself in the process! I love her classes because they include mind, body, and Spirit. We aren’t just taking an art class…we are becoming our true selves!” – Tina R.

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  • Additional Support From Lulu – Each class contains a discussion forum where you will have access to Lulu for any questions or comments you may have.

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