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I recently came across this passage and thought it needed to be shared…

“There are three kinds of people in the world, those who are asleep, those who are stirring, and those who are awake.

“If you try to wake up the stirring, he will just mumble and go back to sleep. If you wake up the stirring, he will wake up just long enough to curse you and then go back to sleep.

“Instead of trying to wake them up, if you come across someone who is asleep or stirring, what you should do is fluff their pillow, tuck them in, and kiss them on the forehead.

“The important joy for those who are awake is to seek each other out, connect with others who are awake, talk, sing and celebrate together.

“This will create a groundswell of awareness. As this groundswell increases and spreads out, it will awaken the stirring and will begin to stir those who are still sleeping.

– Buckminster Fuller

The visual of kissing them on the forehead and tucking them in spoke volumes to me. It felt so loving, so accepting and so peaceful. Let’s forget about the labels of “sleeping,” “stirring,” and “awake,” and instead simply recognize that we all walk different paths.

No one’s path is “right” or “wrong.” They are all unique to the one doing the walking.

I understand that when we find a path that works for us, we want to scream it from the rooftops. We want to share our experiences so that others can find the same joys that we found. But… not everyone wants to hear about it, and that’s okay. Instead, I invite you to;

  • Bless others who are traveling a different road. Send them your love and continue on your merry way.
  • Rejoice in the moments you share with like-minded souls and use it as fuel to enhance the joy that you bring to the world.
  • Seek out your own kind of fun and infuse that happiness into your days.

When we are happy, when we are sparked alive, when we are living an IGNITED life, others cannot help but take notice.

Others will feel your joy, your passion, your aliveness, 

and seek to find the same.

Don’t worry about where other people are in their journey. Instead, become fully invested in your OWN life. Commit to seeking out your own interests. Commit to having acceptance for the people you are blessed to encounter each and every day, even if you don’t agree with them. Our differences, our individuality, and the ways our roads twist and turn are what make our shared humanity wondrous and amazing. We must not forget that we are all in this together, and it’s only when we all feel seen and heard that we can start to have compassion and grace for each other. Only then will we have a chance to evolve together. ~ Lulu   P.S. There are only 2 spots left in the “Awakening The Whole You” Women’s Retreat. If you’re thinking about joining us, claim your spot!

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