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There are people that will cross your path, where no matter how logical and direct a conversation you have with them, they’ll twist your words to fit their story.

There’s no explaining your side, or offering clarification, because they are not ready to hear it. Whether they are playing the victim, or letting their ego cloud their vision, your words are wasted on them because they are not ready to accept responsibility for their actions.

The only thing to do is to walk away

Walk away to save yourself and your sanity. Set firm boundaries to protect yourself and show that you are no longer willing to play their game.

Let your strength of character be the only proof you need. Others will see through their BS.

You know your truth, and the ones who truly know you do too.

It’s hard to be silent, and not say that they’re wrong, but what good does that do in the long run? It just pulls you right back into their drama.

Be the bigger person and show what true integrity looks like. Turn to your friends and family to help you through it. We aren’t meant to get along with everyone, but you will always come out ahead when you stick to your values.
~ Lulu

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