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In a world constantly telling women how they should look and that they’re never enough, it can be hard to feel confident and happy in your own skin. But what if the key to happiness and success is doing the opposite of what society tells you?

There’s power in being different.

When you embrace your uniqueness, it sets you apart from the rest. And when you’re different, people take notice. They may not always understand you, but they respect you because they can see that you’re not afraid to be yourself. And that’s something to be proud of.

People are drawn to others who are comfortable in their own skin and who are confident enough to express themselves freely. (And I don’t know about you, but I think that’s super sexy too!)

How to Be Unapologetically You

Now that we’ve talked about the benefits of being different, let’s talk about how you can actually do it.

1. Get rid of any negative self-talk that’s holding you back.

Make a conscious effort to stop saying things like “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t deserve this,” or “I’ll never be successful.” Those types of thoughts will only hold you back from being your true self. Instead, call out the negative thought when it happens. Question its validity – What’s the proof? Who says it’s true, and why? The more you disprove the negative thoughts that cycle through your head, the less power they’ll have over you.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others and coming up short. But the truth is that we’re all on our own unique journey through life, so comparisons are meaningless. Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on becoming the best version of yourself. How have you grown over the years and what areas need more attention? When you do that, you’ll realize that there is no one else quite like you – and that’s a great thing!

3. Don’t be afraid to take risks and step outside your comfort zone

Trying new things can be scary, but it’s also where growth and transformation happen. So go ahead and sign up for that dance class even though you’ve never danced before, apply for that job even though it seems out of reach, or step into the creative unknown and join me at the Fearless Spirit Retreat. The only way to achieve great things is by taking risks – so go for it!

Remember: in a world full of people who are trying to conform and fit in, those who dare to be different stand out – and that’s something worth aspiring towards!

So go out there and start living your life on YOUR terms today!

Wear whatever you want, move however you want, and dare to be so different that they can’t take their eyes off you. They’ll be jealous of your freedom and the audacity you have to be unapologetically you.

The fall Fearless Spirit Women’s Retreat will focus on Self-Love & Adoration, which we can all use more of in this world!

Learning to love yourself unconditionally is a journey that’s worth taking. You’ll benefit from this retreat if you’ve struggled with body image, knowing your worth & your value, setting boundaries, prioritizing time for yourself, or embracing your sensual side.

When you love yourself fully and completely, you’re able to show up in the world as your true self. You exude confidence and self-assurance, you attract healthy relationships, feel more connected to those around you, and feel happier and more fulfilled overall.

It’s time to remember just how amazing you are!



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