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Wouldn’t it be great to have a foolproof way to instantly FEEL GOOD?

Even if you’re stressed out from work, or frustrated with your list of responsibilities that keeps getting bigger and bigger, what if there was a way to shift your mood in less than 10 seconds?

My friends, this is NOT too good to be true. There is a proven way to hack your mood and feel better in a flash.

It’s a little practice called Gratitude.

Think about this, can you be angry and grateful at the same time? Nope.
Can you be sad and grateful at the same time? Not likely.

Finding something to be grateful for, no matter what mood or emotional state you’re in, always boosts your mood.

Gratitude trumps sadness. It trumps anger. It trumps frustration, fear, and worry. It’s the secret to happiness and the cure for pity parties.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the research on the amazing life + health benefits to having a gratitude practice in place.

Gratitude is not just a mood lifter, but it also shows improvements in a person’s;

  • Personality – More optimistic, higher self-esteem, more spiritual, less materialistic, less self-centered
  • Social Health – More friendly, have more friends, more respect, better marriage, deeper relationships
  • Emotional Wellbeing – More resilience, happier memories, feel good more often, more relaxed, less envy
  • Career – Better management skills, increased networking, higher goal achievement, improved decision making, increased productivity
  • Physical Health – Better sleep, increase in exercise, more energy, more longevity

Can you believe this!?! All these positive side effects from simply practicing gratitude?!?

I wouldn’t have believed it myself until I, too, felt these shifts.

Finding something to be grateful for is my go-to happiness hack when I need to shift myself out of worry or negativity. It works like a charm each and every time.

Now, I know how difficult it can be to start a new routine, which is why I want to make this nice and easy for you.

I’ve created a beautiful, customizable calendar page, where you can document your gratitude each day. I call it Gratitude At A Glance and it’s my gift to you.

Once you print it out, all you need to do is write ONE thing that you’re grateful for each day.

JUST ONE. (I know you can do this.)

I suggest leaving it on your nightstand so one of your last thoughts before falling asleep is about gratitude. Before long, this practice will get easier, and easier, and who knows… maybe you’ll go crazy and start adding two things you’re grateful for each night (Woah!… slow down there!)

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