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As women, we often feel the need to be everything to everyone. We try to juggle work and home life while looking perfect and being super-human.

But we’re secretly struggling.

We feel stuck, directionless, uninspired, and wonder if we make a difference. 

I have my ups and downs and found that when I start feeling disconnected, it’s because I’ve lost sight of the bigger picture.

I have to return to myself and what makes me feel whole. I believe that knowing yourself and embodying your uniqueness is what sets you free. This is the way to total embodiment.

What’s an Embodied Woman?

Embodiment – to embrace or comprise, express, personify or exemplify in concrete form.

Every woman is different, and embodiment will vary for each person. When I think of an Embodied Woman, I envision someone who has stepped into her power, is confident and comfortable in her own skin.

She knows herself.

She understands her worth and the value she brings. She has firm boundaries and makes decisions that align with her core beliefs.

She makes time for reflection.

This woman is on a journey of growth, which means analyzing her life and searching for the lessons. She looks for what she did well and what she can do better so she doesn’t keep repeating the same patterns.

She’s connected to her senses.

She notices the world around her and engages with her sensations to stay grounded in the present moment. She doesn’t let life pass her by. She notices the sky, the sound of chirping birds in the morning, and the smell of fresh rain.

She’s in tune with her body.

She enjoys being in her body and loves it in all shapes and sizes. She’s grateful for all her body has done for her. She turns to her body to help make decisions because she’s practiced learning its language.

She’s always expanding.

She takes the time to explore her interests and welcomes experiences to grow. She’s constantly learning and diversifying her sources of information to challenge her own thought patterns and beliefs to find what rings true for her.

She’s committed to her spiritual self.

She honors her connection to those around her and understands her purpose and place in the world.

She embraces all sides of herself. 

She understands that her darker side helps her light shine brighter. She has grace for herself on her journey of growth.

She trusts herself.

She has confidence she’ll always figure things out. She follows her intuition and trusts the path she walks, even if she can’t see where it’s going.

How do I become an Embodied Woman?

We’re evolving beings. There’s no universal way to fully embody yourself, and it’s challenging to always get it right. That being said, here are some ways that have worked for me.

Speak up for yourself.

Use your voice to stand up for yourself. It takes practice, but confidence comes with action. If there are situations you’re still thinking about, have those tough conversations. It’s these moments of vulnerability and speaking your truth that help you become a better self-advocate.

Find your core values.

Look at the way you’re using your time, how you’re spending your money, and what you’re giving your attention to. Do these align with your values? If not – make some changes. Once you know your core values and beliefs, making decisions becomes easy.

Reflect and review.

I recommend using a journal to spend time reviewing your experiences. Writing allows you to slow down as you process your life, which opens up space to look at things from a new perspective. An easy way to start this process is with a daily gratitude journal. I love this process so much that I created my own journal. It even has a monthly reflection that will make it easier for you to spend time contemplating your life. You can grab one over on Amazon.

Spend time in your senses.

Set aside time in your days where you focus on 1 sensation at a time. What do you hear? How would you describe the taste of your food? Explore fabrics with your fingertips. What do the different colors mean to you? How does your body react? Pretend that you’re experiencing everything for the first time and you’ll be on track to discover the wonders of the world.

Challenge your beliefs.

The world is a diverse place, which makes it so interesting. Push yourself to talk to people who view the world differently. Look for books and articles to gain new viewpoints. Don’t let yourself live in a bubble where everyone thinks the same way.

Follow your curiosities.

You have them for a reason! This is the first step to becoming who you’re capable of being. It’s essentially Ontological Design in action – where what we build/create/design creates who we become. Jason Silva has a great 3-minute youtube video where he talks more about it – check it out!

The more you push yourself, the more confidence you’ll have to try new things. The more you try new things, the more you’ll trust the intuition that’s leading you into new areas. It all starts with being curious enough to find out why you keep thinking about trying that thing. How about you find out, yes?

Next in the Series: How to Embody & Expand Your Mind

Becoming an Embodied Woman takes time and constant practice. Over the next few weeks, we’ll look go deeper into more ways to embody our Mind, Body & Spirit. We’re such layered beings, and I want to share techniques dedicated to each aspect of our amazing selves. Stay tuned!

Want To Go Deeper?

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