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Let’s talk about health goals.

We all have them. We all want to get healthier, lose a bit of weight, and make changes that will last.

But many of us fail (I’d dare say most of us) when it comes to creating results that stick.

It’s not that we suck at changing our habits, we just overshoot.

Our aspirations are too big.

We make goals like “This year I’m going to…”

  • Lose 50 pounds…
  • Run a marathon…
  • Workout 5 times a week…

when we’ve never even stepped into a gym or gone for a run.

If we want to be successful with our goals, we need to set realistic expectations. 

We need to set ourselves up for success so we stay motivated.

In order to achieve long-term success, we need to first experience success along the way. This means taking our big picture goal and breaking it down into actionable and achievable smaller goals.

If you think about marathon training, you don’t start running 26 miles on day 1. You break it down into mini milestones and start many months in advance.

The way to longterm success is to be strategic with your life.

There are 5 steps in creating a winning strategic plan:

1. Figure out what you want and create the end goal.

2. Break the end goal down into mini goals.

3. Schedule the steps to achieving each mini goal into your calendar and DO THE WORK.

4. Celebrate your wins and be compassionate with yourself when you fall short.

5. Review your progress and make adjustments as needed.

The Ignite Your Life private mentoring teaches the 5 core categories that are essential to living a balanced lifestyle.  This program is designed to empower busy women to prioritize their own wants and needs while their personal and professional lives thrive.

Health is part of the first core category that is taught because good health + self-care is at the core of living an energetic life.

Grab your free download of Ignite Your Life – the Health Module to help you be more strategic with your health goals, and make this year your healthiest yet.

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