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Last year, I was able to see Dr. Robert Holden speak in person. He is one of my favorite spiritual thought leaders, and I was so giddy to meet him.

I walked away feeling inspired and full of new nuggets of wisdom to share with you. If you aren’t familiar with his work, I highly recommend him. He does a great job of fusing intellect with emotion, which is my favorite learning style.

Dr. Robert Holden refers to the Ego as your self image. “What will people think of me?” is a question the Ego will ask. It is driven by fear of the unknown, fear of failure, and fear of not being good enough.

We all have the thoughts in our heads that tell us we aren’t ready, that we need more education, that we need to do X before we can have Y.

I am the same way. The only difference is that I choose not to feed my Ego’s worries.

It’s a constant practice. It will always be a constant practice.

Chances are, if you’re worried, or nervous about an idea that you have, that’s the exact direction you need to go.

If you aren’t a wee bit afraid, then you are playing smaller than you truly are.

I offer you these 3 tips for when fears from the Ego pop up:

  1. Ask yourself “Is it true?” Is what my worry or doubt is telling me really the truth? Am I not ready? Says who? Am I not deserving? Says who??
  2. Build up trust in yourself. Do a mini life review. What other times were you fearful of making a move, yet you did it anyways? Celebrate that courage and re-connect with the woman/man who made that move. Regardless of the outcome, you’re still standing! You answered the call and you made it through, and I know you learned a lesson or two along the way.
  3. Acknowledge the concerns the Ego brings up, and thank it for its concern. See the fears as coming from a place of love for your own well-being, then respond “I got this.” Now go get it.

You will never be good at something unless you GO and DO.
You will never create shifts in your life unless you TRY.
You will never be bigger than your Ego unless you PRACTICE.

Get in the game!

Acknowledge the fears the Ego brings up, and then prove yourself. You wouldn’t have the dream if you weren’t meant to follow it.

I believe our Ego is more of a friend than a foe. It’s us who wield the power of belief. I choose to believe that I am bigger than my fears.

In the end, it’s all about the good you contribute to the world. Are you going to let your Ego hold you back from what you’re here to do? It’s so much bigger than you, darling. There are people out there who are waiting for the help that only you can give. Make it more about that than your self-image.

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