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This is my mantra. My battle cry.

Embrace the wonder, the bliss, the curiosities, and the awe. Seek them out.

Explore the feelings, the actions, and the experiences that await your discovery.

Enjoy the journey, and the people that you meet along the way.

And above all, always be kind. In fact, be uncommonly kind.

Be the one that people remember.
Be the one who goes out of the way to help, to assist, to listen, and to care.
Be the example of kindness and compassion that you want to see in the world.

Change starts with us… with ourselves.

I want the world to become better, so I will become better myself.
I want people to be kinder to one another, so I will become a kinder person.
I want people to slow down and truly see one another, so I will slow down and see, smile, and engage with the people who aligned to cross my path, even if it’s for a beautiful, brief moment.

Be the example. Be the change. Be uncommonly kind.



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